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Building your own Native American Flute is a journey that everyone who has the ability to use their hands should explore.  The Native American Flute is one of the most pleasant-sounding wind instruments to play and anyone who has the interest and desire to play can learn.  Building your own flute whether it be for personal satisfaction or because you want to build them and sell them to the public is truly a satisfying project.  Not everyone one has the space, time or money to have a workshop that allows you to create the supplies you will need to build your own flute.

The fetish or bird as some call it is an important element for your flute. There are so many types of fetishes you can make for your flute. For some the fetish is simply just a functional part of the flute while others like to enhance their designs with something special .  The choice is yours.  We sell several of our popular fetish designs and almost all of our flute fetishes are more whimsical in design but they do represent something to us.  Most of our fetish design ideas come for the natural wildlife and scenery we find around our home here in Wyoming.  Save yourself some time, money and space by ordering from Teton Marketing just what you need for your next flute project.

We currently stock four of our more popular fetish designs.  The Otter, the Antelope, the Teton Spike and the Grizzly Bear.  Most of these will be available in Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Walnut, Ironwood. Bubinga and Maple.  But we can make them to order in almost any wood species as long as we have it available.  We also offer one very special custom fetish that represent the birds of prey we find here in Wyoming.  This custom order fetish take several weeks before we can ship but it really is a nice option.

All fetish blocks are hand crafted from woods we use in our shop every day.  Each fetish is hand finished with more than 15+ coats of lacquer and hand rubbed in between coats giving them a very smooth, high gloss finish.  If you prefer a satin finish all you have to do is hand rub your fetish with #0000 steel wool and watch your satin finish appear before your eyes.

Come visit our website and see what we have in stock.  You can order online using our new shopping cart.  If you have questions please give us a call (619) 435-6700 or email us at  Whether you build your own flute or simply want to enhance one that you already own we are sure you will be pleased with a fetish from us.  We are here to help.  Visit our website at

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