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morningcoffee2_10_11_2Teton Marketing is a family owned and operated business located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Teton Marketing specializes in providing specialty lumber and components primarily to the Native American Flute building community.  In May this family owned business was engaged in a move that took more than two months to complete.  During this time they had made the decision to close the business temporarily until they were able to complete the move.  In addition to moving their home they also had to relocate the business which in Wyoming is not an easy task.  But the good news is the move is behind them and they are once again starting to ship orders.

“It ended up a much bigger job than anticipated” says owner Tim Jennings – “but we got it done”.  Teton Marketing is currently working on their next lumber purchase hoping to bring home some really nice material for their customers.  New to the mix will be the addition of very high quality Sitka Spruce along with more Alaskan Yellow  and Port Orford Cedar.  They will also continue to seek out other old growth stock such as Black Walnut, Texas Juniper, Russian Olive and other species as they become available.

Visit their website at www.tetonmarketing.com and see if you find something new. ..

Honduran Mahogany NAF Flute Blanks Now Available…

River Reclaimed, Old Growth Honduran Mahogany

We are now starting to ship Native American Flute Blanks cut from Old Growth Honduran Mahogany and some other tropical reclaimed species just in time for the Christmas Holiday.  As mentioned in many other posts and on our website all of our Honduran Mahogany comes from the rivers and lagoons in Belize (formally British Honduras).  The shear beauty in the wood and the tonal qualities comes only from the fact that Mother Nature has created it over many hundreds of years.  She has nurtured the growth of these magnificent giants of the Rain Forest and then massaging them with her gentle hands while they lay submerged for hundreds of years more has created a product like no other.  We now offer solid blanks, halved blanks cut to our standard dimensions and pre-bored flutes are also available in all of our normal bore sizes.

An enormous undertaking takes place each year recovering these priceless logs from the rivers and lagoons of Belize, formerly British Honduras.   Owning a piece of history is now a reality for all Americans.  We are proud to offer truly Old Growth Honduran Mahogany to our customers.  If you are a flute maker you will want to own at least one of our beautiful blanks.  We will be adding blanks daily to our website but that does not mean that is all we have available.  We understand the price point is higher than many of our blanks but the enormous cost to get this lumber to the United States is only accomplished after several millions of dollars are expended in the recovery process.  We are also offering custom spec jobs to those in the business.  Contact us for more information.

Discount Pricing Opportunities

Flute blanks can be expensive depending on wood selection and shipping cost.  Because of their odd size they generally are somewhat expensive when shipped.  Consider ordering multiple blank sets in a single order and save money.  For each additional blank set you purchase you will add approximately $2.50 in additional freight costs for each additional blank you purchase.  For more than 4 blanks see some of our pack rates listed from time to time on our website or give us a call (307) 690-0427.  Have some special needs then  email us (sales@tetonmarketing.com) for a personal quote.  Below are the standard discounts when ordered in quantity.  These discounts are applied at the time you select quantities for your shopping cart and are applied at checkout.  Discounts do not apply to shipping charges

  • 1 blank set – no discount price
  • 2-4 blank sets – 10% discount on total purchase price
  • 5-8 blank sets – 15% discount on total purchase price
  • 9-12 blank sets – 20% discount on total purchase price
  • 13+ blank sets – email for pricing… sales@tetonmarketing.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT bootlegged lumber.  All of our Honduran Mahogany and other tropical species have been recovered under the proper permits and watchful eye of the Belizian Government.  All Cites Certificates and USDA permits have been properly obtained.  Every single log has been logged and its transit documented to the United States.  All material has been imported to the United States legally and not a single log was cut from new growth material.  This is all Reclaimed Lumber.


Port Orford Cedar Native American Flute Key of G 432Hz…

NEW – Port Orford Cedar Pack Flute – A REALLY Nice Flute

As many of you know we love everything about the Native American Flute.  A very special wind instrument with healing powers.  We have just completed another Port Orford Cedar flute winner.  The working qualities and finished product POC produce always makes us smile.  This little flute is no exception.  This six hole Native American Style flute is now one of my favorite flutes we have produced.  Completely hand crafted with a 3/4″ bore and tuned to the Key of G @ 432Hz – we love how this flute plays and sounds.  Simple elegance is the best description we have come up with.

The Otter fetish also crafted from Port Orford Cedar sits atop our new drop step design.  On many of our new flutes we are adding a drop step just in front of the windway that gives really nice aesthetic effect.  This step is completely created by hand and the results is a sleeker taper through the barrel of the flute.  There are no added accents to this flute other than the hand cut black Elk hide lace. Overall length on this flute is 23″ measure tip to tip on the top of the flute.  Playing holes are spaced for comfort and the bottom 3 holes are 1 1/8″ on center. The top three are 1 1/26″ on center with a 1 1/4″ spacing between the #3 and #4 playing holes.  This little flute is a real joy to play. Signed by artist Timothy Jennings and priced to be affordable.

This flute ships with a protective bag and the price is $285.00 plus freight.  This is the lowest price flute we have offered in quite sometime. Tim Jennings says that “we want everyone to be able to afford one of our hand made flutes and this is a best effort attempt at making this possible”. Currently we have several Port Orford Cedar flutes finished waiting for a home. Two smaller flutes similar to this one are available with inlays to the cutting edge.  Check them out when you get a chance. Click Here to view more POC flutes…

Play Sample of Port Orford Cedar Flute Here:

Visit their website: http://www.tetonmarketing.com

Three New Native American Styled Flutes Finished…

From time to time we step outside our own box as far as species of woods we will use to craft a new flute.  There are so many great species available right here in North America.  Some of our favorite species that make some really nice flutes are Russian Olive, Sycamore, Black Locust, Maple, Russian Elm, American Red Elm and others.  We use all of these species to craft flute with 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″ bores for flutes in various keys.  Many of the flutes will include various inlays and inset stones.   These are three of the latest flutes to be completed by artist Timothy Jennings of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  All three of these flutes are simple elegance in design and very simple in their appearance.

Russian Olive NAF Flute – Key of F# 432 Hz – 307 Series Flute

One of our favorite woods to build flutes out of is Sassafras. We really like the tonal qualities of this wood but it is not very spectacular to look at. A wood that is similar in its characteristics is Russian Olive wood. Some people tell us they consider this a junk wood but I suspect this is because there is not a straight branch or trunk in the entire tree. Well we have found a somewhat available source for this species. You must look hard to find the right piece to get your flute blank out of but when you do you are on your way to a really nice flute.

This six hole flute with a 7/8″ bore features our Teton Spike fetish design and both flute and fetish block are hand crafted from the same piece of Russian Olive. We have hand crafted a step just in front of the windway area and finished the flute with more than 25 hand applied coats of glossy lacquer. This is a very nice playing flute and not so long that you can easily pack it with you when you travel as it measures 23 1/2″ measured on the top. Tuned to 432 Hz makes this a very pleasing flute to listen to as well as play. We have added nothing other that some very humble leather to connect the fetish to the flute body. The rest of the flute shows off the beautiful grain patterns and contrast that Russian Olive has. A very nice flute ready for a home. This flute ships with a protective flute bag. Stand not included.

Play Sample of Russian Olive Flute Here:


Sycamore NAF Flute – Key of F 440Hz – 307 Series

Six hole Native American Style Flute made from old growth Colorado Sycamore. Tuned to the Key of F, at 440Hz at 6500 foot elevation. This flute was built with a full 1″ inch bore and measures 24″ long from tip to tip. Although this a 1 inch bored flute it has a very pleasant mid range tone and it is very easy to play. Completely hand crafted, this flute features our signature step in front of the windway. Inlaid into the top of the flute body is a squarish piece of Oregon Picture Jasper, set in a sterling silver bezel.

The fetish on this flute is of our Otter design and it was crafted from a metal stained piece of Black Walnut stock giving it a very dark chocolate brown with some black streaked grains. This happens when the tree grows around a piece of metal such as barbed wire over many years. The fetish seen here in the pictures is attached with hand cut elk leather that is brown in color. This flute was completely crafted by hand and finished with more than 25+ coats of semi-gloss lacquer and rubbed to a soft finish. The inside of the flute has been sealed prior to gluing helping with moisture absorption. Playing holes are average for this mid size flute and they are spaced at 1 1/8″ apart. Ships with a protective flute bag. Another nice flute and it is available now.

Play Sample of Sycamore Flute Here:


Ash NAF Flute – Key of A# 432Hz – 307 Series

This six hole Native American Styled flute is hand crafted from Old Growth, 1st generation cut American Ash from Colorado. This flute measures 19 1/2″ long (measured on top) and features a 3/4″ inch bore give this A# a nice bright tone. Completely hand crafted and this flute features our signature step in front of the windway. Simple in design we have added our Otter fetish block which is crafted from a piece of Wormy Chestnut. Leather accents are hand cut Bison and is Black in color.

This flute like all of our flutes has been sealed on the inside of the flute to help against wetting out. This is a very easy flute to play and it allows you to blow soft or hard and not loose the sound. Tuned to A# at 432Hz at 6500 foot elevation, the 3/4 inch bore gives this flute a very bright voice. The focusing channel on this flute is a bit narrower than most giving this flute some nice comfortable back pressure. I personally like playing this flute. If you are looking for a smaller bore flute that you will love to play this is one to consider. Playing holes are average for this smaller size flute and they are spaced a little closer together at approximately 1 1/16″ apart. Ships with a protective flute bag.

Play Sample of Sycamore Flute Here:


If you have any question please email us at sales@tetonmarketing.com or call us at (307) 690-0427 with questions…  Or visit our website at http://www.tetonmarketing.com.

Ta Tanga Ax Dog – “Runs With Buffalo”…

“Ta Tanga Ax Dog” (Assiniboine Translation, Fort Belknap, Montana)

“Buffalo Running” – “boy-shahn doo-wyn ching” (Shoshone Translation, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming)

“Buffalo” Translations

Assiniboine (Nakota Sioux) “Ta Tanga”

Shoshone (Wind River – Fort Hall Dialect) “Bozheenai”

The importance of the North American Bison to the Plains Indians cannot be understated.  Once measured in the millions, the North American Bison (Plains Bison) was hunted almost to complete extinction in the mid 1880’s.  The intent was to remove the indians from the territories while at the same time eliminate potential hazards caused by large herds to the railroad which would soon occupy this land.

This presentation is titled “Runs With Buffalo”.  Run’s With Buffalo is a tribute to this magnificent animal that has remained sacred to the Native American’s and today still roams free within the Yellowstone Basin here in Wyoming.  The Native American Styled Flute presented within this sculpture is a tribute to the Plains Indians that still occupy many of the lands here in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas.  The buffalo fetish, or totem that sits on top of this flute is my vision of this majestic animal as it presents itself here in our native lands that surround Jackson Hole.  An attempt to blend the literal while at the same time preserving the whimsical vision I see when I am present with these ancient animals throughout the year.

The Flute Stand Sculpture is hand carved from a single piece of Black Walnut trunk harvested from old growth walnut trees found on the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Not indigenous to this part of Colorado, these trees were originally brought to the area around Boulder Colorado via the Oregon Trail many generations ago.  Hand selected, this crotch piece of wood blends the whiter sapwood with the darker traditional black walnut coloring which are the results of two separate branches coming together.  The two branches coming together represents to me the blending of the fetish and the flute into a single wind instrument completing my vision for this piece.

This fully functional six hole flute was handcrafted from the very same old growth black walnut harvested from this same part of Colorado.  Featuring the whimsical buffalo fetish with leather accents cut from a hand selected buffalo hides.  The leather flute case that comes with this presentation is handcrafted from select buckskin colored buffalo hides and lined with supple deerskin.  The flute bag features a carry strap and it too helps bring honor to this magnificent animal we call the buffalo.

The stone work on the flute is a single cabochon crafted from Canadian Jade and bezel set in .999 Silver.  Voiced at the foot of the Teton’s this flute is tuned to the Key of E at 432 Hz.  This 1 inch bored flute breathes in a deep healing tone.

“Runs With Buffalo”, “Ta Tanga Ax Dog” is a one of a kind piece that brings together the spirit of the plains indians art of sound with the ghosts of the sacred buffalo that once roamed the great plains areas unobstructed and was truly the life’s blood of the Plains Indian People.

Available By Appointment Only

This one of a kind sculpture is available to be seen in our home gallery here in Jackson Hole Wyoming by appointment only. Come visit and see our selection of available Native American Styled Flutes ready for a home. Contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information:

Tim or Peyton Jennings
Phone: (307) 690-0427
Email: sales@tetonmarketing.com

New Jackson Hole Hats Back In Stock…

Teton_BrushStroke_idea4tmt_cap_JH_Front__ebay_05Many of you know Teton Marketing because of our Native American Flutes handcrafted right here in Jackson Hole. We are growing and adding new products all the time.  Recently we released our first hat that was primarily a hat to help spread the word about the company.  Our latest hat that should appeal to everyone who lives or visits Jackson Hole is back in stock.

High Altitude Designs from Teton Marketing is a new line of active wear clothing that people can use every day living here in Jackson Hole and beyond. Watch for the introduction of clothing, hats and more as they introduce them throughout the summer.  Each clothing item will be branded with the Teton Marketing logo and appropriate taglines.  All logos and taglines will be embroidered for a clean tasteful look.  We hope you will enjoy each addition as they come available.

tmt_cap_foreverwest_back_ebay_05The current Teton Marketing hats come from the Otto Collection and they are adjustable to fit any head.  We now offer four versions of the hats, all four versions feature variations of the Teton Marketing Logo, the website address, the Wyoming Bucking horse,  the state name “Wyoming”, “Forever West” and of coarse “Jackson Hole”on the back of the cap.  All of the current caps are jet
black in color. These are very nice hats and all logos are embroidered, not silk screened. Each hat is $23.99 plus shipping.  We are working on several more hat designs for those of you who love Jackson Hole Wyoming as much as they do.  In production now is a new ladies with the popular military style hat.  A sample picture of the this new hats style is located below and to the right.  If you are interested in one of these new ladies hats email us to reserve one.  You can Get your Teton Marketing hat today at www.tetonmarketing.com.

DT619_BlackCharcoal_Hat_GA13About Their Logo

wymadeInspired by the place they live.  The Teton Range is truly one of the most inspiring mountain range in the world. Most people equate the Grand Tetons with Jackson Hole. Our Logo for Teton Marketing is their vision of what they see everyday. Like many of their flute fetishes that tend to be more whimsical, their logo falls comfortably in line with them. They tried to find a balance between a literal view of the range and their whimsical view. We think they accomplished this.  Visit their website to see other products offered from Teton Marketing…


SUMMER SALE on Port Orford and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Flute Blanks…

lumber1Summer is upon us in full force.  Here in the Yellowstone basin it is definitely a time to open the doors of  our shop and enjoy the wonderful weather.  We are excited to share with you our new pricing on all of our Port Orford Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Native American Flute blanks.  We are growing and with growth comes buying opportunities for both you and us.  We are offering the lowest prices we have ever had on our Native American Flute Blanks.

pocblanks1We have in stock ready to ship both solid blanks that can be used with rifle boring machines or perfect for lathe turning.  We also stock flute blank halves ready for you to bore the inside with your router or hand carved.  Below are the size of our stock blanks available and pricing.

We also stock lumber by the board foot so if you have a special project and need some lumber then give us a call.  We cut and ship small batch orders to your specs.  Call Tim Jennings for pricing and shipping costs (307) 690-0427.  Visit our website at www.tetonmarketing.com.

Solid Flute Blank Squares

  1. 2″ x 2″ x 24″ – $8.85 each plus shipping
  2. 2″ x 2″ x 30″ – $11.05 each plus shipping

Flute Blank Halves

  1. 1 /34″ x 7/8″ x 24″ – $8.85 each plus shipping
  2. 1 3/4″ x 7/8″ x 30″ – $11.05 each plus shipping

Enjoy even further discounts with quantities…

  • 2-3 blanks save 10% at checkout
  • 4-6 blanks save 15% at checkout
  • 7+ blanks save 20% at checkout



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