Tetonmarketing.com Is Now Jacksonholetim.com & Shipping Again…


TetonMarketing.com is now Jacksonholetim.com

Teton Marketing was a family owned and operated business located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Teton Marketing specialized in providing specialty lumber and components primarily to the Native American Flute building community in the beginning but it quickly grew beyond that and specialty lumber has been added for other craft builders such as Turkey Call Makers, Fishing Lures, Model Makers, Lather Turners and more.  In May of 2014 this family owned business was engaged in a move that took more than six plus months to complete.  During this time our family made the decision to temporarily shutter the business until we were able to complete the move, clear our heads, and make some needed changes.  In addition to moving we also had to relocate the business which in Wyoming is not an easy task.  Today we are on 5 acres that backs to National Forest and our front yard is the Snake River.  The good news is the move and other family tasks are behind us and we are once again shipping flute blank and specialty hobby lumber orders.

Award Winning Artist Timothy Jennings Continues to Serve Flute Makers

TNJ_Homepage1Artist Timothy Jennings originally had planned to stick with the genesis for his motivation for these changes which was to get back to the flute.  What started as a desire to help other novice flute builders engage in the art of flute making has grown into more than just selling parts for Native American Flute craftsman.  For the past two years Tim has been working on several Commission Projects that have sought him out as of this writing he continues to be busy with new projects.

Over the past year there have been several individuals who have tried to step in and fill the void our family had left in May of 2014.  Tim says he was alright with that and he has always felt that there needed to be more people willing to share what they know about crafting the flute.  Tim’s goal was to do exactly what he said he set out to do 2 years ago which was to get back to hand crafting Native American Styled flutes and helping others.  Our family is once again crafting flute blanks and they are now available for purchase.  In addition you will be able to find appropriate router bits for DIY peeps, hand cut leather from selected Bison and Elk Hides as well as some fetish blanks.  Tim has added the availability of pre-glued blanks (as time permits) that play a fundamental note that are ready to shape, tune and finish in order to help those who have limited time.

Our family continues to seek a place in a local gallery and our hopes are that by this next summer people who visit Jackson Hole will be able to view his art.  In the meantime you can find Tim at his new website/blog at www.jacksonholetim.com and if you would like to reach out to Tim send a message to timjen333@gmail.com.  At JacksonHoleTim you are able to view new flutes as they are finished, flute making supplies, hobby lumber and also find some of his photography that show cases the beautiful part of the world he lives.

Spirit of the Pipe Flute…


Spirit of the Pipe Commission Ships Out

spiritofpipe_16_bEvery Once and a while a project comes along that really finds a place in your soul.  This is one of those times.   On Monday I will be shipping this project to its new owner in Canada.  A First Nations man will carry this flute with him on an upcoming journey that will take him across Canada over a two-year period.

The idea for this flute came about after recently delivering a Native Styled pipe to the Western Ojibwe in Canada for which I was commissioned to craft.  In a way this flute is a continuation of this pipe.  The pipe which will be carried across Canada for the upcoming Tree of Peace Unity Walk will now have this flute as it’s companion.  I have named this flute the “Spirit of the Pipe”.


I shared a vision with my Elders, Clan Mothers, and Grandfathers.  At the Council Fire they contemplated my vision, and in turn, they received a vision of a Sacred Eagle Pipe that was to be gifted to me.  Through ceremony and reflection, Spirit guided us to Timothy.  The Elders, Clan Mothers, and Grandfathers saw in his previous work, that it was evident that Timothy has a connection with the spirit of the materials he uses.  This was very important to us as this Sacred Eagle Pipe will lead a Tree of Peace Unity Walk and the planting of 44 Peace Trees across Canada.  This Unity Walk is the vision I received that will bring together First Nations Peoples and all Canadians for world peace and the healing of Mother Earth. When I received the pipe in a ceremony, I felt the energy of Timothy’s connection with the spirit in the wood and stone, in the making of this sacred pipe. Timothy is a master craftsman and artist who’s hands are blessed by the Great Spirit. In gratitude from myself and the Elders, Clan Mothers, and Grandfathers of the Cherokee, Iroquois, Ojibwe, and Cree of the Council Fire of this vision, we honor Timothy and his creation of the sacred pipe.

Walk Sacred, Talk Sacred,
Jesse-Blue Forrest – Sequoyah-Blue Deer Eagle


I wanted to incorporate the spirit from the sacred pipe by attaching a mouth piece to the flute that was crafted from the very same stone the pipe was made from.  In addition my plans were to craft a cabochon from the same stone to inlay into this flute.  In my mind’s eye this addition of the stone to the flute would help carry the spirit of this pipe over to the flute.  I had hopes that this flute would share in the very same journey as the pipe.

As one draws in the smoke from the pipe in ceremony this same breath would give life through their playing of the flute.  If this were to happen this would accomplish my vision for this piece.

spiritofpipe_18_b72This six hole  flute features a 1″ inch bore crafted from Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  It is tuned to the Key of D#.  It features the Four Winds tuning holes and by most standard this is a large flute.  Although I think it is the perfect size as its new owner like me is a large man and should have no trouble playing it.

The theme for the pipe was that of the Eagle and so too we carried the same theme through to the flute by adding a fetish that represents a whimsical vision of the Eagle in flight.  The fetish sits between two rails crafted from a special wood called Sapodilla.  This reclaimed wood has much the same color tones as the pipestone.

One of the interesting twists in all of this is that the Tree of Peace Unity Walk will start it’s journey on a sacred mountain on Vancouver
Island.  The very same place the Alaskan Yellow Cedar used in this
flute was harvested from several years ago.

It is always an honor when I have the opportunity to be commissioned for a project.  I am always humbled that there are those who find my style of art pleasing.  But it is especially humbling when I am given the opportunity to create something as special as these two projects for the First Nations People of Canada and know that they will be used in Ceremony and not used as a cliché…

Listen to Sound Sample from this flute


Fetish Crafting…

DIY - Do It Yourself Blue Grey Squares Bar

jkrohn_01_DSC0442-fetishonly_01Just added to our Education Pages Section is a new page on crafting the block or fetish.  The fetish is more than just an ornamental piece of wood that sits on top of your flute .  Crafting a proper fetish will give you the best possible results when you play your newly completed flute.  Adding some artistic flair  will also help tell you story and the journey you were on when building your flute.  There are some simple basics you need to know and once you have them down the rest is up to your imagination.

CLICK HERE to view new page…enjoy!

Windway Instructions…

DIY - Do It Yourself Blue Grey Squares Bar

How To Craft The Cutting Edge and Windway

For those of you building your own Native American Styles Flute I have now added a new page to our EDUCATION Menu on Jacksonholetim.com.  The newest page added helps share pointers on how to construct the Cutting Edge and the Windway for your flute. I hope you find this new page helpful…


NEW – Education Pages Added to Jacksonholetim.com…

Vintage small carpentry workshop

Vintage small carpentry workshop

For more than 10 years I have been a source for those seeking to build or craft their own Native American Styled flute to purchase supplies for the task at hand.  In addition during this time I have tried my best to answer each and every question sent or ask of me.  I believe that everyone who has the desire should be able to build their own flute.

So I have finally decided to put pen to paper (so to speak) and try to share in a tangible way a place where those who want to build their own flute seek answers to many of the questions we all have run into at one time or another.  So I have started adding pages to a section I simply titled EDUCATION.  You can find these page links from the “FLUTE BLANK SUPPLIES” link on this website.  This I think will be much easier than trying to locate a previous post on my blog.  Mouse over it and EDUCATION is the first option and when you mouse over it you will see a secondary menu with topics.

Please know that these pages are organic and ever-changing.  I will be adding new topics as I find time to write them.  I would love to hear some feed back from you all so please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post.  If you have topics you would like me to address please let me know via a comment or an email sent to “timjen333@gmail.com”.  I look forward to visiting with those of you who wish to reach out to me anytime.  Blessing to your flute crafting journey!

Click Here for the first topic in the Education Menu…

Pre-Glued Flute Blanks Now Available…


We now stock a limited supply of fully completed Native American Styled flute blanks that have been pre-bored to specific bore sizes.  Each blank listed for sale on our Jacksonholetim.com page prior to gluing were sanded and sealed in the very same way we seal our custom flutes in our shop.  We pre-seal the inside of the flute bore, slow air chamber and blow-hole prior to glueup.    The windway has been completely hand constructed for you and the flute blanks have been pre-glued together.  Each flute blank plays a base note and it has been adjusted to reflect a fundamental note that we feel is best suited for the blank.  You can still change this note higher if you want within the limits of the bore size.

These partially completed flute blanks are ready to shape and we recommend hand shaping them with a good sharp block plane.  There is nothing more satisfying than hand planning your flute to the desired shape.  Something you cannot achieve on a lathe.

Hard Work Complete

If you have never built a flute from the ground up this might be a good way to start.  We ship every flute blank with three proprietary drawings that are great guides for your to follow.  Pricing is primarily determined by the wood species and quality of the blank set.  Each blank set has been hand crafted and glued up by Artist Timothy Jennings.  Some blanks may feature inlays in the windway area to help achieve both an aesthetic accent and in some cases to strengthen the cutting edge.

It is important to note that each blank has been crafted to the point that it is ready to shape and finish by you.  Because we do not pre-drill pilot holes for playing holes or 4 winds tuning holes there is still flexibility for you to change it up a bit.  Generally you can raise the note higher than what we targeted the blank for.

Each Pre-Glued Blank Ships With

  • Extra wood block for you to craft your own fetish
  • Leather for you to attach your fetish block to flute body
  • Schematics for Windway area
  • Playing Holes laid out on flute body based on current tuning target. (note these can be changed by you – use as a guide)

If you are interested in making your own Native American Styled flute but you do not have the skill set yet or maybe not the proper tools then consider purchasing one of our Pre-Glued blanks.  You will have a good head start on what most people find the most difficult part of the flute to complete.  This gluing up of these blanks is not a simple thing to accomplish.  Because we do this every day here in our shop I have always wanted to make this option available to our clients.  Check what we have available now – CLICK HERE

f you have questions please reach out to me at “timjen333@gmail.com” or call(307) 690-0427 – I am here to help.

Under Construction Page Update…

wyomingfirst_profileToday I added updates on 3 new flutes that have been started.  View new pictures to our Under Construction Page.  One is a Commissioned piece and the other two are currently available.  There is time to add custom touches to them if you are interested.  For those interested in following what I am up to our Under Construction page is a good place to check out.  Everything you find on this page that is not available can be commissioned.  Check out the latest update and follow the journey of one of my newly Commissioned Art pieces…

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