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Yesterday morning I ventured out to takes some pictures and gain some inspiration from the mountain ranges that surround my home.  Sometimes you just need to grab a cup a coffee and spend some time alone in these beautiful mountains.  Here is a picture I took of the Teton Range…  May it help bring you some inspiration for your next flute project…  Click image to enlarge…


By Appointment Only – Check Out Our Flutes When Visiting Jackson Hole…

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Award Winning Chakra NAF Flute

Award Winning Chakra NAF Flute

TNJ_Homepage1When shopping for a new NAF flute to purchase there are a lot of really great choices available these days.  We know that purchasing a flute over the Internet is not an easy thing to do.  Pictures do not always do justice to the craftsmanship found in many high-end flutes made today.  Recordings of the flutes too are nice to have available but a recording does not provide you the same experience as when you can hold the flute in your hands and play it.  If you are considering one of our flutes trying to purchase one over the Internet can create even more of a dilemma as none of our flutes are the same.  Each flute is uniquely different.  They are different in their aesthetics, how they feel in your hands, the materials used, the precious stones inlaid,leather accents and most importantly how each flute plays and how each one sounds.


Port Orford Cedar

Because every one of our flutes are fully handcrafted, each one we complete is truly a one of a kind.  We can craft two flutes out of the same piece of wood, same bore sizes, same lengths – basically try to duplicate every step the same and we end up with two very different flutes.  One of the things that plays a very large role in how our flutes will play and sound happens during the shaping process.  Each flute is hand shape using hand planes, chisels, rasps, sand paper and even some power tools.  The process is definitely slower and takes a lot more care when creating one.  We believe that if you are provided with the opportunity to see our flutes in person and have the time to handle each one in our available inventory you will more than likely find one that will fit your specific needs.

Every Flute Is Made By Hand

Every Flute Is Made By Hand

If you or any of your friends are planning a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming this summer and you would like to experience one of our hand crafted flutes then give us a call.  We maintain a gallery in our home here in Jackson Hole and we are available to share with you our collection by appointment only.  We will spend one on one time with you and you can spend as much time as you need to see all that we have to offer.  Each summer we have guests that look us up and find the perfect match for them while visiting this beautiful part of the country.  Although we try to maintain some of our flutes in retail galleries it is hard to purchase one without having the ability to ask questions from someone knowledgeable and have the time to play the flute prior to choosing.

OGW_6H_GRNTURQ_120412_1_smIn addition to completed flutes we generally have a fairly good selection of flutes in different phases of building.  You may choose to order one of these partially completed flutes and incorporate some of your own design ideas before it is finished.  Either way if you are looking for a Native American Styled flute then consider visiting us here in Jackson Hole.

If you live in Wyoming we invite you to contact us and make an appointment to see our flutes as well.  Wyoming is a great state to own a flute as there are so many beautiful place you can find to play your flute.  We are easy to find and we live in the town of Jackson Hole.  Call Tim or Peyton at (307) 690-0427.  If you prefer send us an email at “” – we are sure you will enjoy your visit.  As always we invite you to visit our website at and see what we are up to.


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